Why we Believe in NATURAL LIVING


God first and always. It's easy at times to be so caught up in life that we overlook how we live in this world. From the level of pressure we apply to our natural resources, to the way we treat each other and ourselves to the way we need to respect the environment to the intensity of the way we live life and peer pressure each other. Respect is everything.  

As we develop a greater understanding about the type of damage and impact we have on the environment, I also developed an understanding of the impact various types of products containing toxic chemicals alter the structure of our cells which keep them from functioning effectively and efficiently a difference that is immediately noticed once I made the switch to organic and all natural products. It become even more substantial when I also began to maintain an organic and natural diet which acted as an immediate detox in such as significant  way, I vowed never to go back to processed and fast foods. I maintain a vegan diet when dining in restaurants or include the exception of wild fish. Wild fish is safe if it is listed on a menu and asking is always best. This is important because fish should always be fresh and not be mass produced/farmed as the fish are not fed a natural diet in this state and are often fed pellets with food dye to give them the appropriate 'natural' color).


Changing the way we eat can have many benefits that will fuel your determination to avoid consuming foods with chemical additives, artificial flavors, colors and pesticides as well as any palm oil or hydrogenated versions (even organic). Eating organic is a healthy choice well worth the sacrifice. If budget is a concern, I recommend purchasing items in organic that you consume the most especially fruit and produce that you consume in the largest amounts or pesticide-free options. Look for whole organic grains and where possible free range or organic meats and eggs. 

The organic and all natural products I originally discovered, did not necessarily produce the same or similar result of a traditional cosmetic or drugs store brand (no petroleum means no to smooth application, so I learned). After much research, I discovered brands that are natural and sophisticated in beauty, health and home products that are also gentle and sustainable. We have to treat ourselves as close to the way we are created, if we truly want the best which means avoiding MOST (almost all) of the beauty brands available and especially anything that has and petroleum or petroleum by-products, aluminum or chemical derivatives. For the best black list in ingredients check out Organic Beauty Talk

It's important to be good to ourselves. This means that never skip breakfast even on the go, try to stick to organic ingredients as much as possible, snack often, always eat a healthy lunch, I'm a fan of a great bowl of soup and half a sandwich (if you can, I go vegetarian or vegan when on the go, skip the meat and dairy-free are great alternatives) and never skip having a full and healthy dinner. I snack often on organic and natural snacks such as organic fruit, nuts, veggies and hydrate with infused coconut water (Coco libre is organic and truly the best flavor plus our brand favorite!), organic pressed juice or smoothie and will indulge in a good natural macaroon, try Ladurée! We also love ice cream (gelato is the best and stay away from anything with an artificially dyed colors like anything unnaturally bright or unnatural flavors, always ask but most of the brightly colored or colored ones are artificial. Resist if they are and stick with a simple vanilla or chocolate based flavor and go from there), solid dark chocolate bar. We like one 65% dark or higher to your preferred taste preference.

Eating natural can be difficult when traveling or out and about but we try to bring as many snacks as I can (check out the Sakara Life boutique for some great healthy and organic options) and always look for a local organic grocery store, research before you go, that's close to my hotel when I'm abroad and pick up fresh fruit, organic pastries or snacks or yogurt before heading out for the day or stock up every few days if my hotel room has a usable fridge and won't be charged for adding additional items by opening the fridge or weight. Always ask the front desk at check-in or call the concierge before you open a fridge in your room. Each hotel is different and no one likes a surprise charge at the end of a hotel visit!


Get your beauty sleep (the whole 7-8 hours every night), exercise regularly, pray everyday and never give up whether its more when its something serious, making your next connection.

Get connected to inspirational and motivational people and words everyday like  Joel Osteen Ministries. They truly provide practical, non-judgmental Christian & God-centered advice, gives thoughtful insight and practical wisdom.

I hope that through our edits, tips and brand love, others will be inspired and relate to my passion for products with purpose in a healthy sustainable way while living your best life in a well rounded positive and uplifting way!