Who We Are 

My name is Pume and I am the founder, creator and owner of Carat & Roses. 

Carat & Roses is focused on my passion for sustainable and natural products and brands, my love of everything modern, traditional and minimal including creating creative connections and authentic experiences.

We love a mix of mid to high-end fashion styling with natural beauty and brands along with culture, lifestyle, food and travel. We focus on sharing the best in sustainable brands, fashion week styling, editorials, on-the-go travel tips, events to celebrate and influential strategies. We strive to inspire possibilities.

I believe in beauty, fashion and lifestyle without the compromise. We share creative strategy, true timeless quality in lifestyle brands that are environmentally sustainable without compromising style. 

Why Carat & Roses 

Carat & Roses was created after many late nights spent considering how to incorporate true quality, timeless minimal, modern yet traditional style into what we believe a lifestyle brand & culture edit should stand for. Along with a true appreciation for God's grace in the simple yet intricate design in nature, a deep faith and the strength bound in the ethereal beauty of time honored traditions. 

Carat signifies purity and timeless quality born of genuine strength, flawless style and natural grace. 

Roses signifies an authentically ethereal beauty, faith, decadent fragrance & classic time tested gift that mixes a sense of peace and endless grace roses embody. With a name founded in the rich history of Paris, elegant and traditional, they stand the test of time and represent eternal beauty and strength.

What We Do

We want to inspire with authentic ways to celebrate, creative ideas to inspire you and connect you with natural and sustainable brands we love and know you will too! Our focus is on curating the best mid to high-end natural brands and quality products that deliver not only effective results but leave you with the same (maybe better) feeling, a conventional high-end brand would without synthetic fragrances, chemical ingredients, parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors and are as close to nature as you are.

We also love creating unique and inspired ways to give back, respect God and help our community. Stay inspired with some of our favorite ways to donate and help others while supporting a sustainable and sound environment. 

We believe in treating others well and giving you an experience to remember while we put your mind at ease in the possibilities.

Sit back, relax and check-in with Carat & Roses.