Ballerina Basics: 9 Fitness Essentials for Your Ballet Workout

Ballet is one of fashion's favorite workouts. From Hepburn to Bardot, the appeal of a leotard and leg warmers has a modern day update with our go-to ballerina workout, Ballet Beautiful. Gone is the classic studio and here to stay are the perfect on-the-go sessions you can step into with a quick on-line check-in great for our fast-paced and travel packed schedules. 

With busy days at the office, to jet setting to travel worthy destinations and everything in-between, this fresh take on the ballerina essentials will take you from online to street in the perfect ballerina mind set for your next ballet workout.  

1. Leotard

The classic ballet leotard is the perfect ballerina accessory to take from class to street that easily pairs with classic tights & leg warmers to the street with high waisted jeans or cigarette pants.

Go-to product: Ballet Beautiful Stretch-jersey Leotard, 60$


2. Facial Kit

Get the perfect pre and post skin care routine under wraps to to help keep skin hydrated and feeling clean all through your workout. This quick travel facial kit with a refreshing rose water toner mist that will help keep your skin feeling fresh and moisturized with a quick spritz to face and skin to get you in a peaceful state of mind to workout and perfect to refresh post workout.

Go-to product: Diptyque The Art of Face Travel Care Set, 75$


3. On-the-go Wipes

100% organic coconut oil infused make-up remover and cleansing wipes are the perfect on-the-go essential and great way to remove stubborn makeup pre-workout that will help keep skin moisturized without stripping or irritating skin and is also gentle on blemish prone skin. 


Go-to product: RMS Beauty The Ultimate Make-up Remover Wipe, 16$


4. Tights

Complete your ballerina look with perfectly seemed tights you can pair with your leotard to the street with high waisted shorts.

Go-to product: Ballet Beautiful Set of 2 Seamed Tights, 35$


5. Water Bottle

Water will save the world and keep you hydrated during your ballet workout. A glass water bottle with a durable sleeve you can fill with infused waters, our favorite Cocolibre organic coconut water or simple chilled water to enjoy throughout your workout and post workout on-the-go. 

Go-to product: BKR Glass Water Bottle with Sleeve 500ml, 35$


6. Muliti-tasking Beauty Balm

We love a great multitasking balm to hydrate lips and a quick beauty balm for brows and lids to infuse skin with a gentle glow that won't interfere with your ballerina session. 

Go-to product: Aerin Rose Balm, 58$

7. Hair Pins

Tuck away strands with a great bun pin that doubles as the perfect street wear accessory you can also style with your wardrobe favorites.

Go-to product: Kitsch Bun Pin, 18$-32$


8. Ballet Slippers

Add the perfect ballet slipper like our fave Ballet Beautiful satin slippers or add her street wear shoes to your collection for sophisticated casual wear.

Go-to product: Ballet Beautiful Satin Slippers, 120$


9. Yoga Mat

A great portable mat is the easy on-the-go essential for travel or class room sessions and gentle on wood floors and the perfect surface for your ballet mat routines.

Go-to product: Lululemon The Reversible (Un) Mat, 48$


Detox Water: 3 Reasons to Hydrate on-the-go with DropBottle

Photo via: Carat & Roses

Photo via: Carat & Roses


We're always looking for products that serve a multi-functional purpose and when we discover one that is not only good to the environment, has great easy to follow function and has a simple minimal aesthetic, we have to share it. DROP Bottle is a company out of Australia that has a goal to revolutionize the way people drink water and stay hydrated.

1. Design

Minimal and modern design, double-walled borosilicate glass, specialized stainless steel fruit infuser, BPA-free Materials; 

2. Function 

Sleek travel handle, it will let you hydrate beautifully with a variety of loose leaf iced teas, infused fruit waters or coconut waters; and

3. Socially Conscious

Responsibly gives back by donating a percentage of sales goes to supporting clean water to those in need while supporting sound environmental practices.

Go-to product: DROP Bottle, 28$

Summer Slimdown: 6 Healthy Poolside Foods to Eat & Help you Maintain a Balanced Diet

With only 6 weeks to go until it's officially summer, we're sharing 6 foods to eat that you can blend into to your summer routine or poolside menu that will help you stay fit without trying! Try organic options free of pesticides, artificial preservatives, colors and additives. We believe in maintaining a healthy balanced diet along with a fitness routine with balanced workouts to maintain a fit eco-chic lifestyle perfect while you're on-the-go!

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are the perfect way to blast belly fat, even when frozen they maintain their nutrients and specifically the peel of this super berry! The outer layer skin of blueberries contains an extract that has been found to reduce weight gain even with a higher fat diet and can inhibit fat gain while it helps metabolize and balance insulin levels. It has the highest antioxidant level of all commonly eaten fruits and is a great snack or topped on granola, yogurt or in smoothies. 

Photo via: Fit Sugar

Photo via: Fit Sugar

2. Ginger

Ginger improves your digestion and reduces inflammation and has great metabolism boosting properties. It is great in teas (hot or iced), enjoy sliced it into stir-fry with veggies or sauces or blend into smoothies for a great summer slimdown that will keep you healthy and fit well into fall. 

Photo via: Pinterest

Photo via: Pinterest

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps to regulate sugar and boost metabolism and is the perfect way to enjoy beverages without the sugar. It has a great taste and is delicious in tea, smoothies, sauces and desserts. Taking cinnamon can help improve digestion and sleep quality, helps to prevent an increased storage of fat that enables you to lose weight and can help process carbohydrates more efficiently while trimming belly fat.

Photo via: Nutrition Facts

Photo via: Nutrition Facts

4. Grapefruit

Grapefruit can help curb your appetite, while stimulating and detoxifying the liver to activate fat burning enzymes, that break down fatty acids in the body. It can help regulate insulin levels and is the perfect post workout snack. This cancer-fighting fruit is packed with over 200 mg of vitamin C along with other vitamins such as A, B complex (for hair skin & nails), E & K. It will help curb your sweet tooth and assist with digestion. 

*Always consult a physician before making diet changes because grapefruit can affect some medications. 

Photo via: Geo Does

Photo via: Geo Does

5. Honey

Honey is the perfect way to replace refined sugars in your diet. Try it as a simple detox drink with lemon or cinnamon or ginger. Use only high quality raw or organic honey and avoid pasteurized versions. Honey is an immune boosting food that will help give you a glowing appearance and cut fat with natural properties that help trigger metabolic changes and helps stave off sugar cravings. Try  this sweet addition in tea, smoothies, on sandwiches, marinades or salad dressings.

Photo via: Susan Wigg

Photo via: Susan Wigg

6. Pomegranates

Pomegranate seeds have immunity boosting properties with nearly 40 percent of your vitamin C for the day in just one of these fruit! They can lower high blood pressure and increase the speed at which heart blockages melt away. This antioxidant-rich fruit can help maintain sustained weight loss because they are high in fiber and are the perfect addition to salads, sauces (think cranberry-pomegranate) and as a juice!

Photo via: Wit & Whitle

Photo via: Wit & Whitle