Rom-Com: 9 Classic & Unconventional Movies to Watch in Time for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is the ultimate reason to fill your space with roses, enjoy heart shaped candy, share boxes of chocolate and of course indulge in watching some of our favorite classic and unconventional movies of all time. Get together with your girlfriends or that special someone and catch up on these perfect excuse to get into that feeling of love just in time for Valentine's day. 

1. The Greatest Showman

This bold and lively drama, is filled with heart warming and inspiring moments full of unexpected love, daring challenges, strength and courage. You'll get swept up in this epic drama for the ages. 


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2. Sex and the City: The Movie

The ultimate classic romantic comedy is the perfect girls night in must see for your next girl's get together with laughs, love, heart ache and of course a wedding. Get the kleenex and popcorn to catch up with the ladies of Sex and the City.


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3. How to Be Single

Nothing says Valentine's Day like the dating dilemma's of two sisters and their friends in New York City. Prepare for ups and downs of single in the city life sure to have you laughing, crying and feeling empowered. 


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4. Valentine's Day

When some of our favorite actors and musicians come together in this made for Valentine's day film along with their perfectly imperfect love stories, your sure to find something that will put ou in the mood for love and some really great chocolate. 


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5. Clueless

Packed with 90's throwback fashion and references, throw in unrequited love, mismatched romance and the perfectly imperfect  match maker and you have date night all wrapped up in this classic coming of age rom-com. 


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6. Marie Antoinette

Let them eat cake! Gather the girls for this rich  historical update on the tragic yet beautifully haunting story of a queen too young to rule a nation and the tumultuous drama that unfolds in her court and the ultimate end to an extravagantly indulgent era.

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7. Pride & Prejudice

Wrapped in classic beauty, near tragic misunderstandings and unfailing love, you will not want to tear yourself away from the epic scenery, the love of a sister and a love story for the ages. 


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8. Love Affair

When love comes to call in this classic love story, you'll find yourself indulging in this beautifully romantic story of love, loss and the reawakening of dreams in the ultimate story of true love. 


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9. Age of Adaline

Add a twist of fate, a throwback love story, books, indoor picnics, epic fashion and the perfect modern take on love, Age of Adaline is a beautiful historical romance taken into the modern age our sure to fall in love with. 


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