Our Must-have Essential Pieces for your Wardrobe

We all need standard pieces in our wardrobe that will stand the test of time and keep you in style even when the trends change. Clear out the clutter, donate what you don't need. Here are some core basic pieces that should be in every wardrobe and add onto with trend pieces from each season.  


1. Blazers & Jackets

You can never have enough jackets but be sure you store the basic go-to's that will go with any outfit and give you great style at any point during the season. 


1. Black Tailored Blazer, 2, Quilted Leather Jacket, 3. Cropped Denim Jacket, 4. Blazer in Cream


2. Denim, Pants, Leggings & Shorts

To keep your wardrobe fresh and stylish have at least 3 different types, styles and colors of denim whether it be jeans or jeggings, you'll be able to switch up your style with different styles of t-shirts, blouses or tanks to keep up with the trends while giving you a variety of outfits to sport. 


1. Skinny Dark Denim, 2. Skinny or Straight Leg Dress Pants, 3. Black Shorts, 4. White Denim, 5. Boyfriend Denim, 6. Leather, Shinny or Regular Leggings


3. Dresses & Skirts

Every girl needs to have the go to bandage dress, a little black dress and a few skirts that you can mix and match with blazers, t-shirts, blouses, tanks and jackets. Add a pair of heels for a night out look or pair them with flats for a comfortable stylish day look.


1. Little Black or Lace Dress, 2. Bandage Dress, 3. Pencil Skirt, 4. Flared Skirt


4. Blouses & Shirts

Own the basics and you can update your wardrobe to fit with the trends and add pieces that match your style. 


1. Button Down or Color Block Blouse, 2. Peplum or Tailored Blouse, 3. Basic White T-Shirt


5. Something Comfortable

From travel to groceries, relaxing or shopping, you can do it all in a comfortable sweat suit that will keep you casual and stylish no matter what your doing. Perfect on the go you'll be able to move comfortably and stylishly you can update with a variety of t-shirts and tanks.


 1. Black & White Hat, 2. Hoodie or Sweatshirt, 3. Sweatpants


6. Heels, Boots & Flats

These must have shoes should be a staple in any wardrobe and will take you seamlessly from day to night while keeping you stylish and chic on the go.


1. Running Shoes, 2. Flat Boots, 3. Rain Boots, 4. Booties, 5. Over the Knee or Thigh High Boots with Heels, 6. Stylish Pair of Flats

7. Accessories

Style these accessories with a variety of wardrobe pieces and mix & match with other accessories you can add to fit your style and the trends 


1. Diamond Stud Earrings, 2. Gold Chain Necklace, 3. Gold Hoop Earrings

8. Bags & Luggage

Bags are a staple in any wardrobe, add these to your closet to give you stylish options on-the-go whether at play, work or travel. These pieces will help you stay organized, classic and stylish from day to night.