Boho Summer: 6 No-Fail 70s Inspired Hair for Your Summer Style

The 2015 runways have been full of boho styling and 70s influences including great boho hair. From Lanvin's inspired single Brigitte Bardot braid to Chloe's Peggy Lipton straight middle part styles, these are our favorite off the runway boho looks to try and perfect for the summer months. 

1. Single Braid

Simple, elegant and perfect for summer months, the Brigitte Bardot single braid on the Lanvin runway was Julien d'Ys inspired hair styling. Tie the end with a leather string or ribbon to add a chic twist to your style. 

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2. Fringe Bangs

Antonina Petkovic rocked the 2015 fall fashion runway with fringe bang styling that are a great transition into summer. Try this distinct look reminiscent of Jane Birkin, in a natural wave or straight style. Be sure to keep bangs off your face when applying moisturizer to your face until it is fully absorbed.

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3. Slicked Back 

Balmain girls hit the Spring 2015 runway with chic wet-look slicked back hair that is the perfect way to style locks straight out of the water. For more gentle Grace Kelly inspired styles, keep hair pulled back and let air dry.  

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4. Half-up 

Celine's half-up styles came down the runway accented with gold barrettes perfect for emanating Audrey Hepburn's graceful styles. 

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5. Bandanna

Chanel's modern interpretation of a bandanna was the perfect brunching accessory at Brasserie Gabrielle on the fall 2015 runway. Style this Brigitte Bardot Parisian-it girl style for days spent exploring beach towns and walking desert summer gardens.

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6. Middle Part

The Chloé fall 2015 runway was full of decadent boho styles and sleek middle part hair like Peggy Lipton's 70's straight styles. The perfect beach to street look, style your part with our fave Aerin gold comb we are currently craving. 

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