11 In-flight Travel Essentials for Your Next Getaway

If your getting ready for a long haul flight or even short distance flights, we have the best In-flight beauty essentials and beauty routines to use on your next trip that will keep skin hydrated and feeling refreshed throughout your travels.

1. Eye Mask

Long haul flights call for much needed beauty rest. The best way to sleep on a flight is to drown out as much light as possible with a great eye mask. Even if your looking for a great power nap, try a sleep mask and breath deeply to help induce a restful nap or sleep in-flight. Power naps should be no longer than 30 mins so remember to set your alarm and ask your neighbor to wake you when the food tray passes by if your going for longer or ask the flight attendant to share the scheduled time for meals so you can set your alarm for breaks.

Go-to product: Morgan Lane Starry Eyed Sleeping Mask, 98$

2. Hair Ties

Loose waves are the best way to keep your hair during a flight to keep strands from tight styles that can damage your hair during longer flights and dry air that may need more repairing once you land. Try a chic scrunchie too keep hair out of your face without putting too much pressure on your locks.

Go-to product: American Apparel Scrunchies, 6$-8$


3. Earphones

Tune out too loud cabins with a sleek set of headphones that are both stylish and functional. Be sure not to turn the sound up beyond a reasonable decibel to keep from early hearing loss or stress caused buy continual loud noise that can cause more damage than a noisy neighbor. Upload your favorite podcasts or in-flight playlists or tune in to a playing now option on your screen. 

Go-to product: Frends Taylor Gold & Black Headphones, 199.95$

4. Water Bottle

A great earth friendly re-usable water bottle will be your best friend during your travel and throughout your flight. Staying hydrated is also your best in-flight beauty routine and will keep your skin from drying out and wrecking havoc on your post flight plans. We love one with a silicon sleeve and great travel handle that will protect against breakage and will also be a stylish travel companion.

Go-to product: my BKR water bottle, 28$-45$

5. Facial Mist

A great facial mist pre, during and after your flight will be a beauty rescue and life saver. Try one with rose water that has great hydrating properties or a beauty classic like Evian that will also go a long way to helping you feel alert and refreshed after waking from a nap or longer rest.

Go-to product: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, 35$


6. Eye Patches

Fight under eye bags with a quick 5-Min hydrating eye patches with healthy natural ingredients that are perfect to try under your eye mask for an optimum inflight spa treatment your neighbour won't even notice

Go-to product: Patchology Eye Revive FlashPatch         5-minute Hydrogels, 50$

7. Moisturizer

Lock in moisture with a great light weight moisturizer with hydrating argan oil and an SPF that will take you from plane to sun vaca and also makes the perfect primer for a light bronzer or powder before touching down. Follow it with a moisture surge facial mist to feel refreshed.

Go-to product: Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer, 32$ 

8. Multi-tasking Beauty Balm

A beauty balm plays the perfect getaway companion for in-flight beauty treatments from cuticle care to lips and brows, use this throughout your flight for a dewy fresh glow with a light rose scent like our go-to Aerin rose beauty balm that also makes a chic addition you your carry on.

Go-to product: Aerin Beauty Rose Balm, 58$


9. Multi-tasking Facial Cleansing Cloths

Use a great moisture rich and multi-tasking cleansing cloth with restorative properties pre, post or in-flight to prep your in-flight treatment or to freshen up before deplaning to get the most of your flight and restore your senses after a long haul flight.

Go-to productRMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes, 16$


10. Fragrance-Free Deodorant

Deodorant is a must on any long haul flight and one that's is also healthy and full of natural ingredients as well as friendly to scent sensitive neighbor is necessary. 

Go-to product: Lavanila Fragrance Free Healthy Deodorant, 14$

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11. Beauty Oil

Lather a hydrating beauty oil onto hands and then slip them in to manicure gloves or pre-flight onto feet you can use with a great pair of cashmere socks for the perfect in-flight mani or pedi treatment that will give you baby soft skin and restore hydration to cuticles and seal in moisture to nail and will also take you from perfect beauty oil for beach days to quick hair mask or as part of your beauty.

Go-to product: Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté, 66$